Dr. Letitia Archuleta
Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner

Aviation Medicals is a speciality clinic 
solely dedicated to the needs of
Airline, Commercial, Charter and Private Pilots.
We are here to keep you flying!

Hundreds of pilots, airplane and helicopter, rely on Dr. Archuleta 
to help them keep or re-qualify for their FAA Medicals every year.

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Here is what some of our pilots have said at our Online Booking review page:

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10 years of excellence
Simply the best experience out there! Professional, friendly, and on time. It's nice to have an office dedicated to our profession and not all the craziness I've experienced at other places.
Customer since May 2010

Doctor On Our Side
Dr. Archuleta is such a delight as she calmly guides us through the ever increasing maze of FAA rules. We pilots are very lucky to have such a supportive Doctor.
Customer since December 2012

Great experience
I have always been impressed with dr. A. When I had a couple issues come up between my flight physicals she was right on top of the situations and leaded me through what I needed to do to be compliant and healthy. My last physical she took the time to explain the details of my conditions and it was really helpful.
Customer since August 2014

15 years and counting
Dr. Archuleta and her staff consistently live up to these rave reviews. I have at least 15 more years with the Majors and Aviation Medicals!
Customer since December 2014

What a great change for my Medicals in the future!
For 15 years I have been going to a certain Industrial Medial Clinic that has really started to look more like A circus. I finally made the switch to Aviation Medicals and Dr.Archuleta at this location what a great switch! Timely appointment, professional, knowledgable ,great office staff, and no craziness .Dr. Archuleta is so helpful! Looking forward to my visit in June!
Customer since June 2014

Flight Physical
Very pleasant to work with Dr Archuleta. Very thorough yet still had time to answer questions. Highly recommend.
Customer since May 2014

Flight Physical
Dr. Archuleta was quick, yet thorough and incredibly nice through the flight physical process! Would recommend for anyone in the Salt Lake City area
Customer since December 2014

Dr. Archuleta is very professional and she and her staff are efficient and fairly priced for aviation medicals.
Customer since December 2014

Aviation Medicals